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About us

LPCC is an international, interdenominational, evangelical, and english speaking community of faith. Community Church exists to glorify God as a Gospel presence in La Paz by being a grace-filled community that worships Christ and makes disciples who serve Him in our families, neighborhoods, and the nations. 

We are a community that is committed to being: Thoughtful, as we share our Bolivia experiences. Welcoming, as we have come from all over the world. Responsive, as we all have various needs. Relational, as we are far from homes, family, and friends. And, Spiritual, as we process what it means to follow Jesus in a foreign land. We want people to not only survive living in La Paz, but to thrive!

our Staff:
John and Jeannie tooth.jpg

Pastor John and Jeannie moved to Bolivia from the UK. John has served in churches in Scotland, Nepal, Germany, Kenya, England and Cyprus. 

John Jamieson

Kendra Teran Valdez

Administrative Assistant

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